Five Uses for Google Classroom’s New Feature

5-uses-for-new-featureWe’ve been asking for it so they gave it to us! Google Classroom’s new differentiation/assign feature allows for so many possibilities and is taking the G-Suite world by storm.  Below I’ve outline five uses for this new feature.  Enjoy!

Differentiate by Proficiency Level

This is a no -brainer really.  Some students need more practice in vocabulary or math problems. Some need accelerated work because they ‘got it’.  What ever the case may be Classroom now allows us to provide for student needs in a very personalized manner.

One to One Peer Editing of Assignments

Peer editing is easier now than it ever was. Students can be assigned or share the same Doc commenting on one another’s writing by making comments in the margains.


Along the same idea as one to one peer editing, students can work in partners to preview or review material while do an inclass activator or summarizer.

Small Group Projects

Want to assign small groups while at the same time pushing out project material? Google’s new feature allows this to happen with ease.

Makeup Work from Absences

If a student has missed a whole class discussion or video for example, simply post a question or link to that video in a ‘While you were out’ announcement.


When I started using Google Classroom over a year ago, it bacame a game changer for me.  This new feature bring the Classroom app up a level allowing for a multitude of activities. If you have an interesting, effective use for Google Classroom post your comments below. Happy Googling!


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